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2013 Route

DAY 0 –  Gathering Day in Cleveland, Ohio.  Friday 28th June 2013.  Those wishing to visit world famous Cedar Point Amusement Park, or the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum in…

2012 Route

Day 0 – The Gathering. Friday, August 3rd, 2012, Seattle, Washington. Day 1 – Saturday August 4th, Seattle to Vancouver. Sites along the way will include a ride across Deception Pass, and…

2011 Route

8th Annual Charity Ride July 1 -9, 2011 The Long Reach Long Riders announce their eighth annual charity motorcycle ride. The ride, which benefits the ESTA Foundation’s Behind The Scenes…

2004 Route

The riders will congregate in Boone, NC on Wednesday, March 10th, and depart Thursday, March 11th. Leaving from Boone, they’ll take a beautiful mountain route that will take them through…



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