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2008 Route

Las Vegas 2008 – May 12, 2008 The 2008 ride will begin in Las Vegas. The route will take the riders through some of the most breathtaking scenery in southern…

2007 Route

Map 2007 – Jul 29, 2007 By popular demand, we’ve changed the format and no longer have two groups meeting somewhere in the middle of the country. We now have…

2006 Route

Map 2006 – Jul 8, 2006 Just like last year, we have two groups heading for Rapid City, South Dakota. The western group leaves from San Diego, California, as they…

2005 Route

Map 2005 – Jun 25, 2005 We all leave our respective cities on Sunday, June 26th. From the East Saturday 6/25 – Pre-ride Supper at The Black Rooster Pub, 1919 L…

2004 Route

The riders will congregate in Boone, NC on Wednesday, March 10th, and depart Thursday, March 11th. Leaving from Boone, they’ll take a beautiful mountain route that will take them through…



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