Riders 2013

Note that this list was reconstructed from the “Wayback Machine” so only reflects the information we were able to recover

Riders 2013

Alison “Earth Girl” and Mark “Hobnail” Heiser

Bill “Uncle Bill” Sapsis

Frank “Mr. Murphy” Stewart

Jared “O-H” Fortney

Jon “Snoopy” Kirchofer

Loren “Grits” Schreiber

Patrick “PWall”Wallace & Christina “Suga” Lips” Smith

Rob “Squeaky” Eastman-Mullins

Sheryl “Mom” Sturges

Troy “teeroy” Poole

Bill “Gaffer” Belleveau

Dennis “Cap’n Diesel” Booth

Greg “Chrome” Williams & Alice “Sweet Tea” Neff

Jean-March “Musketeer” Montmejat

Jonathan “JD Clark” Deull

Moe “Bro’ Moe” Conn and Kacey “Dragonfly” Coffin

Sam “Metabot” Fisher and Carly “Wings” Fisher

Stephanie “Mint Saucy” Miller-Lamb

Bill “Stretch” Meyer

Eddie “Buckwheat” Raymond

Jack “Blinker” Tilbury

Jim “Skirt” Summerfield

Kevin “Coach” Boyer & Ethan “Shooter” Boyer

Pat “Lamb Chop” Lamb

Paul “Rev” Sannerud

Scott “Hop Along” Henkels and Shellene “Sprocket” Seifert

Steve “The Factor” Hagen

Chase Car Team

Diana “Frisco Girl” Raymond

Joe “Poppa” Joe Aldridge

Scott “Shifty” Miller