Scott "Hop Along" Henkels

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Upper Valley New Hampshire
Years Riding: 
Approximately 168,000 miles or so. Give or take.
2003 Honda Magna, better known as the Purple People Eater. Or, maybe Carrot, the 2015 Suzuki DR650 which is far more suitable for the Frost-Heaved New England roads.
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'Hop Along' is very pleased to join up with the LRLR fold once again. 

Meanwhile, Encouraged by an arbritrary Aerostich map of "Annual Riding Days" in the US, he decided to average riding 6 days a week in 2015, with an end result of 42 days off from riding the entire calendar year.  A move from the south to New England in 2017 meant meeting this goal would be trickier; My goal now is to ride every week, and also best Jon Kirchofer who is also trying to ride as much as possible.  It's the small things in life.

In other fun news, "Hop Along" is also enjoying volunteering as a Skating Official with Mens (Mens Roller Derby Association) and Womens (Womens Flat Track Derby Association) roller derby.  It's a great group of people to support and be involved with.  I highly suggest tracking down a bout near you to check it out.  And yes, the hits are real.  It's not your '80's derby folks!

Scott hopes you will consider riding with the group, or at least follow along vicariously.  2018 would be Scott's 12th year of riding with the ride, except for that one time a deer got in the way.