Patrick "Hot Cross Buns" Wallace and Christina "Scorpion" Smith

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Charles Town WV
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2009 Victory Vision, 2008 Suzuki C90T
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Patrick and Christina are joining the ride again and are looking forward to riding in a new area of the country.  Besides the recent LRLR trips, they were lucky enough to ride from West Virginia to Halifax, Nova Scotia and back as well as Key West, Florida.  With those two trips and the 2012 LRLR ride in the Pacific Northwest, the couple has managed to hit the 3 extreme points of the continental US within 12 months on the motorcycle. Recently, they managed to ride from San Diego, CA to Savannah, GA in 46 Hours as part of an Iron Butt Association 50CC.

In his work life, Patrick is the Mid Atlantic Regional Rigging Manager for PSAV and works in a number of areas with the West Virginia Division of Culture and History to advance the arts around WV.  Previously, he served almost two decades as Production Manager for Shepherd University and Contempary American Theatre Festival.  He has a weakness for videos of cats riding Rumbas and likes dreaming of owning goats one day soon.

In her life, Christina is the Adminustrative Assistant for the Shepherd University Department of Music and is a freelance technician for the Mid-Atlantic Area.  She really hates videos of cats and is actually a dog lover, specifically pit bulls, for the lovable dorks they are.

They own an amazing tuxedo cat named Giles in honor of their favorite TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.