Jon "Snoopy" Kirchhofer

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Minneapolis, MN
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2014 Yamaha FJR1300A
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I never was much of a writer, I tend to just stick to the pertinent facts and feel I haven't said much when I am done.  So here are the pertinent facts:

1)Yay theatre!

2)Yay motorcycles!

3)Boo illness and injury! (Especially in an industry that doesn't always provide security for such)

4)Yay a way to combine 1 and 2 to alleiviate 3!

So, having found this motley crew (or perhaps we are now officially a horde...) some number of years ago, and having had the best time riding with said horde, I think i can officially call this a new obsession.  What could be a better reason to ride around the country than to help those who have tipped over the edge that I have spent so many years standing right next to...  Only by good fortune have I never fallen there myself.  Now that I have finally gotten to a place where I feel I am a few steps back from the edge with a full-time gig as the Lighting Supervisor for the Walker Art Center that actually has the sort of 'between shows' security that so many of my friends and coworkers don't have, I am committed to do something to make that edge a little less frightening.  Behind the Scenes and Broadway Cares (also the Actors Fund of Canada, for those north of the border) do great work in making the setbacks that can send us over that daunting edge survivable, instead of the complete devastation they could be.