Jim "Skirt" Sumerfield

Wexford, PA
Years Riding: 
2000 Honda Shadow Spirit
Member Year(s): 
Member Year(s): 

As recently as a few months ago, Jim spent the majority of his time working as a Production Manager and Rigging Supervisor. Not so much work for those jobs at the moment. Nevertheless, I am deeply aware of the privilege of my own circumstances. In my working life, I have always(almost) had a full-time job with a solid, ethical employer who provided quality health insurance, decent pay, and other benefits. When I became unemployed, the benefits kicked in very quickly. Many of my colleagues in the industry are still waiting for assistance. Some will need much more than they will get. This is why I choose to ride for Behind the Scenes. While I will miss the gigs that would normally prevent me from riding with LRLR, I am thrilled to be able to join the relay, to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones, and to pay it forward.