Jared "O-H" Fortney

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Maumee, OH
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2002 BMW R1150R
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2013 is the third year I'll be riding with the LRLR.  I joined my first ride in 2011 by happenstance and convenient scheduling.  Excitement and good memories got me to my second ride in 2012.  Now tradition brings me to my third ride in 2013.  It's part of the summer plan now.  Something I look forward to and plan my work around. 

What make it so special?  It's absolutely the people.  The group that assembles each year include some of the most interesting, engaged and committed people that the entertainment industry has to offer.  More than that, they are riders, and long distance riders at that. 

The first time I took a long distance motorcycle ride, I was very aware of my vulnerability to disaster.  Even a tiny bit of bad weather, distracted driving, poor road maintenance or mechanical failure could be enough to sideline my trip, or worse, put me in the hospital.  I was at the mercy of my skills, my intuition, the kindness and respect of others and ultimately a good bit of luck.  It's not a very comfortable position to be in, but the adrenaline rush makes it fun.  Once I arrived safely at my destination, everything was a memory.  I could relax and look back on a great trip.

Some of our colleagues find themselves similarly vulnerable, though they don't choose it for fun.  Chronic injuries, illnesses, disabilities and financial hardship can quickly force anyone into the vulnerable position of not being able to work in the industry they love.  That's why I'm so happy to know we are raising money to support Behind the Scenes & Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS.  These charities provide a resource for entertainment industry employees in crisis that need short-term financial assistance to re-establish themselves and get back to work.  I've seen first-hand, the successful outcomes from their work.