Diana "Frisco Girl" Raymond

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San Francisco
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Chase Car Team
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Born and raised a 2nd generation San Francisco native, Diana "Frisco Girl" Raymond's first live encounter with the LRLR's was on their 2010 ride as a host for IATSE Local 16's picnic lunch in the Presidio.  Her only tie to the Entertainment Industry is via the IATSE Local 16 Vice President Eddie "Buckwheat" Raymond whom she married 32 years ago.  She and Eddie were able to join in the last 3 days of that 2010 ride and have been involved as a chase car the last 2 years.  In 2011 Eddie was bit by the motorcycle bug as rider after rider offered to let him "ride a leg".  Hence this year Diana will be occupying the chase car without Eddie but it's OK - she has his (and everyone else's) back.  She supports Behind the Scenes whole heartedly and looks forward to this years ride.