Move the Kazoo East Day

Last night Jared Fortney made it to our hotel in Clarksburg, WV, despite getting caught in that downpour that we missed. So when we left this morning, we had 3 bikes and 2 cars. We headed east on Hwy 50, and had some perfect riding for a bit. The road was remarkably smooth, with fun curves, mountain forests, and a few farms, and a mist kept us plenty cool. About the time I was thinking hat I needed to request a bathroom break, and not seeing anywhere we could stop as we drove through tiny, unincorporated towns, the pavement reverted to goat path texture. We managed to miss all the frame bending potholes and pulled into a charming, rustic but fully stocked country grocery store with nice staff and decent restrooms, next to a collection of old railroad cars. Railroad cars showed up often today, including half an Amtrak train just parked permanently. We rested and restocked, and got back on the road and found good pavement again. We continued on with pretty scenery and cool temps as far as Winchester, VA, where we had lunch outside, sitting on curbs and tailgates. Next to our parking lot was an old train station turned into a community theatre, shuttered now of course. We tried to stop in Harpers Ferry to appreciate the history and scenery there, but it was mobbed, so we let go of that idea. We continued east to White Marsh, MD, where we met Moe for the handoff from the SE team to the East Coast team. That’s Moe walking like a crab, and my arm behind Greg doing something vaguely crab-like, somewhere on the Chesapeake Bay. Jared left us there, to ride home to Lititz, PA and make sure lunch is ready for us there tomorrow. We rode over to Moe and Kacey’s house for crab cakes, which are one of my favorite foods, in their backyard, and came back to the hotel for the night, where we found TJ, who will join us tomorrow for a total of 4 bikes, plus Karen in her car and the Ellis’s chase truck.