Photo Blog - 2020

2020 Autumn Extravaganza!

Posted 11-03-20 by gregwilliams

    This was the route we rode for our 48 states / 10 days attempt. Tracking provided by  Hello everyone, Greg here - I'm going to reproduce my social media posts here in the order they first appeared so that anyone who is so inclined can relive the experience right along beside us (us being me, Wayne Rasmussen, Moe Conn, Jim Neisel, Mark and Ali Heiser, and a certain snarky motorcycle with a mind of its own).    Pre-ride, last day before departure,...
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From Alice: Goodbye to the kazoo

Posted 07-03-20 by gregwilliams

Today was the last day of the ride, and the group took the kazoo to Portland, ME for the final leg of its wild journey. Last I saw it, it was still holding up very well, for a thing made from foam and lighting instrument pieces that has ridden 3000 miles across the country in searing heat, torrential downpours, and 80 mph winds on the interstates. It will be auctioned off to benefit Behind the Scenes, hopefully at USITT 2021. This morning Karen Dopher headed off to the Vermont Country Store, a...
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From Alice: Follow that kazoo to Vermont Day

Posted 07-03-20 by gregwilliams

This morning we had breakfast at Jim Niesel’s house, where Jim Van Bergen and Phil Genera joined us. Moe handed off the kazoo to Jim N. in front of a typical New England city hall, and Moe and Kacey peeled off to go home. Then we tried to get all the bikes and chase out of town together. That didn’t go so well, with all the traffic, lights, and people talking over us on the CB. Problem solving experts Bill and Jocelyn texted back and forth with Cat, who was on the back of her dad Dennis’ bike,...
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From Alice: Social distance riding again

Posted 06-30-20 by gregwilliams

Greg and I left the hotel early this morning and rode about half an hour in wonderfully chilly weather to O'Toole's Harley Davidson in Wurtsboro, NY. The ride was very pretty, and it's the most picturesque Harley dealership we've ever visited. Wurtsboro is tiny; we were very surprised that it has a Harley shop, let alone one with a service department, and the only one in the area with not only the part we thought we needed, but also the part we actually needed, in stock. They poked and prodded...
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From Alice: Socially distant from the kazoo day

Posted 06-29-20 by gregwilliams

Greg and I went to the Chesapeake HD dealership today to see if anyone there could stuff the magic smoke back into our CB/intercom. The technician there determined that the unit needs to be replaced, and they didn't have one in stock, but they could see that the dealership in Wurtsboro, NY, has one. They were closed today so we couldn't talk to them, but we plan to be there when they open in the morning to have the unit installed, or at least to purchase it, so another dealership down the road...
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Move the Kazoo East Day

Posted 06-28-20 by gregwilliams

Last night Jared Fortney made it to our hotel in Clarksburg, WV, despite getting caught in that downpour that we missed. So when we left this morning, we had 3 bikes and 2 cars. We headed east on Hwy 50, and had some perfect riding for a bit. The road was remarkably smooth, with fun curves, mountain forests, and a few farms, and a mist kept us plenty cool. About the time I was thinking hat I needed to request a bathroom break, and not seeing anywhere we could stop as we drove through tiny,...
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From Alice: Catch the Kazoo Day

Posted 06-27-20 by gregwilliams

  This morning we left Elizabethtown, KY, and went to the Harley dealership in Louisville to try to get the magic smoke stuffed back into our CB radio on the bike. The technician did not have enough time to solve the problem, but he did confirm that the bike was safe to ride. We rode over to meet the Midwestern team at Churchill Downs, in front of the Barbaro statue. We did our best imitation of horses and riders passing the baton; that’s Karen, Cris’s mom, piggybacking on Greg. I was the...
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From Alice: Ride to the Kazoo

Posted 06-26-20 by gregwilliams

I think this is my first blog post ever, by the way. Mark Heiser had a great idea for us to have LRLR masks, and I volunteered to make them. Getting the fabric printed was tricky during the Covid crisis. It came in so late that I finished the last one on Wednesday night. Before leaving on Friday morning, I very much wanted to get a batch ready to be sold in the Behind the Scenes boutique, for anyone who would like to match us while being safe. Chase truck drivers Bill and Jocelyn were planning...
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Here we go!

Posted 06-17-20 by gregwilliams

Best wishes to all the LRLR Relay Riders as the Kazoo begins its journey across the US!
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