From Alice: Socially distant from the kazoo day

Greg and I went to the Chesapeake HD dealership today to see if anyone there could stuff the magic smoke back into our CB/intercom. The technician there determined that the unit needs to be replaced, and they didn't have one in stock, but they could see that the dealership in Wurtsboro, NY, has one. They were closed today so we couldn't talk to them, but we plan to be there when they open in the morning to have the unit installed, or at least to purchase it, so another dealership down the road can put it in. Not being able to talk to each other, as well as not being able to broadcast on the CB, is a real drag, and we would like very much to get this fixed. While we were at the dealership, the group went on to Lititz, PA, for lunch, and then to the hotel in Matamoras, PA. The group is becoming rather large, so it's just as well that we were not with them today.

When we left the Chesapeake dealership, we had trouble finding lunch on our own, because so many restaurants here are open for delivery only. We were just resigning ourselves to bison jerky and protein bars for lunch when we found a fantastic sandwich shop open with outdoor seating. We had more crab cakes (my favorite food), and green tea to keep me awake on the bike. We took back roads north and east to meet the group in Matamoras, and were only a few minutes behind them, because when you get stuck behind the worlds largest tractor on a country road, it's easier to pass with only one bike than with six plus a chase car and chase truck/trailer rig. We were in farm country most of the day, with some rolling forests. Greg and I pointed out countless old houses to each other. I saw some Amish buggies, and some women that looked Mennonite to me, harvesting garden produce. We had no rain today, and not too much heat. Some of the pavement was great, and some of it had those awful frost heave bumps that make me stand up on the back of the bike. We'll see what my knees thought about that tomorrow.  

We had dinner with everyone else outside at the hotel and had a great visit. We've had a lot of conversations this week about all of our various furloughs, paycuts, and missing freelance gigs. Tonight one rider got to share some more promising career news that came in today, so that was cause for much rejoicing. No hugs, though, of course. Mike Sapsis, Bill's twin, joined the ride somewhere on the road today, and it was great to have him back after many years away. As always, he had jaw-dropping stories of life in show business. Dennis and his daughter Cat joined the group at lunch today, and it was good to see them at dinner too. Jared and Jon are heading home tomorrow, and Wayne is joining us in the morning at the hotel. Greg and I will go the dealership in Wurtsboro, 30 miles away, and join the group again for dinner in New Haven, CT. Again, this will reduce group size, and hopefully we will finally get our CB fixed.