From Alice: Social distance riding again

Greg and I left the hotel early this morning and rode about half an hour in wonderfully chilly weather to O'Toole's Harley Davidson in Wurtsboro, NY. The ride was very pretty, and it's the most picturesque Harley dealership we've ever visited. Wurtsboro is tiny; we were very surprised that it has a Harley shop, let alone one with a service department, and the only one in the area with not only the part we thought we needed, but also the part we actually needed, in stock. They poked and prodded at their schedule, and decided that they did have time to work us in to install it, which sure was better for us than having to purchase it and have it installed at yet another shop down the road. Wayne Rassmussen had planned to join the ride today, so he came directly to the dealership and waited with us. He rides a Honda, and enjoys making fun of the much more frequent repairs that Harleys need. He was measured in his mocking today because he was having trouble with his own clutch, on a friend's borrowed Honda. While the technician put in the radio, we walked down the street a bit to a fantastic local diner where we had excellent classic Greek lunches sitting outside.

After lunch, the bike was ready, so we headed southeast on Hwy 17, and then took I-84 east, and ended up in Stratford, CT. The trip was beautiful. These were not roads we had chosen for scenic purposes, and nothing was spectacular about them, but almost all roads we have ridden in the Northeast are pretty, and these did not disappoint. Again we were pointing out one historic building after another to each other, many from the 1700's. Today, we could actually talk about them on the intercom instead of just pointing. We had light rain, and it was pretty chilly, but we were doing okay until the rain got really heavy. Then most of our rain gear begain failing, and we all got very cold. Fortunately, we didn't have to ride like that for long before we made it to the hotel. We draped wet gear all over the hotel room and turned the heater on, put on dry clothes. We took an Uber in the rain over to Jim Niesel's house, a whopping one mile away, but that Uber was a bargain at any price. 

The group riding with the kazoo today included Moe and Kacey, Dennis and his daughter Cat, and TJ, plus Karen Dopher in her car and the Ellises in their truck. Jim and his wife Yvette made an excellent dinner for us, and the rain cleared up just in time for us to eat outside. We had so many nice conversations, and loved the cake they had made with the banner art printed on it. Yvette is an elite quilter and Cat and I were delighted to see her studio. 

Tomorrow morning Moe will hand off the kazoo to Jim Niesel and we will pick up Phil Genera and Jim Van Bergen, first time LRLR rider, and head out for Vermont.