From Alice: Ride to the Kazoo

I think this is my first blog post ever, by the way. Mark Heiser had a great idea for us to have LRLR masks, and I volunteered to make them. Getting the fabric printed was tricky during the Covid crisis. It came in so late that I finished the last one on Wednesday night. Before leaving on Friday morning, I very much wanted to get a batch ready to be sold in the Behind the Scenes boutique, for anyone who would like to match us while being safe. Chase truck drivers Bill and Jocelyn were planning to spend the night at our house in Georgia on Thursday night, so I started on that last batch of masks in the morning, but with all the other preparations needed that day, I didn’t have them finished when they got to our house, much to my dismay. I needn’t have worried. Of course Jocelyn jumped in and helped me finish. Working on them together (at a distance) while Greg played the guitar for us was so sweet and heartwarming, and a wonderful way to start the trip, and we finished long before the wee hours. I was too wound up and excited to sleep for a long time, but being drowsy on the bike is okay, since I’m on the back of it, as long as I don’t crash the bill of my helmet into Greg’s spine.


This morning we hopped on the bike, and Bill and Jocelyn hopped in the truck, and we started checking the CB. It’s been working just fine for us the whole spring, but today the magic smoke had vanished right out of it. Greg and Bill worked on it this evening and had no luck. On our first LRLR ride, Greg enjoyed ribbing Cris Dopher good naturedly about the ongoing electrical problems on his Sportster. Being a lighting designer, he was convinced he should do all his own electrical work on the bike, but it never seemed to bring him the success he was accustomed to in theatrical lighting. So, we laughed tonight at dinner about the possibility that Cris was getting back at Greg from his perch in the afterlife. Later I remembered the only other time that Greg has had electrical trouble with this bike. It was in August, when Greg rode to Brooklyn for the memorial gathering for Cris. Interesting…


I forgot to take photos today; I’ll do better tomorrow. Today we rode from our house outside Atlanta, up to and around Chattanooga, to Elizabethtown, KY. Tomorrow we will have a short ride to Louisville to meet the Midwestern team for the kazoo handoff. Most of our ride today was beautiful, through mountains and curves, and most of it was cool and damp. Karen Dopher, Cris’s mom, was at the hotel when we arrived, and we had a nice dinner together, spread out at a very large table. Tomorrow at noon we meet the kazoo at Churchill Downs and begin our eastward trek.