From Alice: Goodbye to the kazoo

Today was the last day of the ride, and the group took the kazoo to Portland, ME for the final leg of its wild journey. Last I saw it, it was still holding up very well, for a thing made from foam and lighting instrument pieces that has ridden 3000 miles across the country in searing heat, torrential downpours, and 80 mph winds on the interstates. It will be auctioned off to benefit Behind the Scenes, hopefully at USITT 2021.

This morning Karen Dopher headed off to the Vermont Country Store, a bucket list destination for her for decades, and home. Wayne, Greg and I struck out for Lubec, ME on our own. Wayne has been riding a bike borrowed from a friend, and this morning he decided that one of its tires was not stout enough to finish the trip. He called another friend who lives in Maine, who tried to find a tire for him. That didn’t work out, so the guy just loaned Wayne his own bike. It seems we are not the only ones who find Wayne to be highly trustworthy. We rode the beautiful Hwy 2 across VT, NH, and into Maine, and got to see the White Mountains and Mount Washington. We picked up Wayne’s replacement bike in Norridgewock, ME. It turned out to be a HD Electra Glide, with ape hanger handle bars and the seat pushed back 2”, because Wayne’s friend is 6’4” tall. So, riding it is a whole different experience, but he’s doing great with it. Given the 17 years of ribbing about Harleys vs. Hondas that Greg and Wayne have enjoyed, Greg and I have gotten a huge kick out of seeing Wayne on a Harley touring bike instead of a Honda sport bike, and the ape hangers just make it funny. I found myself wishing I had a way to text a photo of Wayne on the bike to Cris, who was devoted to Harleys. I wish that were possible. It’s not, of course, but it’s very easy to imagine his grin if he could see Wayne in his bright yellow Aerostitch suit riding that HD. We had lunch in Newport, and continued east. We took a quick break by the side of the road, and I asked Greg if he could fix my headset that had just fallen out of my helmet. It turns out that it had lost a screw. We realized that we happened to be sitting in the parking lot of a lumber yard that also sold a little hardware, and that they were still open, for another 2 minutes. The manager helped Greg find the tiny screw, and the allen wrench required to tighten it, and we were on our way again. The last 30 minutes of the ride were freezing, and I wished I had on more layers, but didn’t want to stop when we were so close to Lubec. Finally we got to the hotel, checked in, layered up and had dinner at the hotel and managed to warm up. Lubec is the easternmost town in the US, and it’s beautiful. Fog rolled in along with us, but lifted during dinner. The hotel is a former sardine cannery, and our rooms and the attached restaurant overlook the bay. Of course we had amazing seafood, including lobster. It’s 57 degrees here now. Tomorrow we will visit the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse close to here, and then go to the northern end of US 1 in Fort Kent, Maine.