From Alice: Catch the Kazoo Day

Handoff from Midwest to Southeast


This morning we left Elizabethtown, KY, and went to the Harley dealership in Louisville to try to get the magic smoke stuffed back into our CB radio on the bike. The technician did not have enough time to solve the problem, but he did confirm that the bike was safe to ride. We rode over to meet the Midwestern team at Churchill Downs, in front of the Barbaro statue. We did our best imitation of horses and riders passing the baton; that’s Karen, Cris’s mom, piggybacking on Greg. I was the photographer, so I’m not in the photo. We bid hugless goodbyes to Pat and Stephanie Lamb and Paul and Peggy Sannerud, and bungeed the kazoo to our bike. We lined up with Jon Kirchofer and Jon Pullen, and headed east on I-64. We were on interstate most of the day, with a stretch of Hwy 50, and the roads were pretty all day, with rolling hills and forests and a few hay trucks going 20 mph on Hwy 50. The weather was mercifully cool and overcast, with only a short rain shower. We got into the hotel in Clarksburg, WV 15 minutes ahead of a torrential downpour. LRLR rider Jim Sumerfield drove over to meet us at the hotel lobby, where we ate our take out and visited, all spread out over half the lobby. Greg and I have done 800 miles in the last two days, which is more than I usually ride lately, so I’m ready for a shorter day tomorrow, when we head to White Marsh, MD, near Baltimore. Jon K. heads home at dawn tomorrow, so we’ll just have 2 bikes and 2 cars tomorrow.