LRLR16 Day 5 and 6

Day 5 we left Montrose and headed for Gunnison, CO.  The early part of the day was typical flat land,  which has its own beauty.  A bit of I 70 then back into the excellent roads Colorado has to offer! We headed up to Grand Mesa for a quick stop, took in the view of the valley. Breath taking is an understatement!!!  From there we headed to Hotchkiss for lunch then on to Gunnison via the Blue Mesa Reservoir

235 Miles on the day

2269 for the trip!


Day 6 We headed out of Gunnison for Salida but not before getting in a 3 mile run where Moe got to get his hopscotch on!  Kacey and I got to watch a local model airplane club do a little flying before getting on the bike! 

We headed off for Creede, CO where we had lunch at Arp restaurant and handed out kazoos. What an awesome town! We are already trying to figure out how to get back.  From Creede we headed for Salida and raced the weather as storms rolled through.  We threaded the needle and beat the majority of the rain!  Dinner was at 50 Burger sponsored by CM!  Thanks CM!  We highly recommend it.  

Highlights Cows and Cowboys wrangling cows.  Wild life and views!