LRLR16 Day 1 Shakedown!

We started the day early! With kickstands up at 7:30 we rolled out for a short ride to the Denver Center for Performing Arts.  They provided us with an awesome kickoff breakfast. After eating we moved to the stage for a banner shot.  After a quick look around we were back on the bikes and headed to Red Rocks Amphitheatre WOW, just amazing.

Dragonfly and Pipes took up the rear of the pack riding sweep so we can herd the cats, a position which helps keep an eye on the ride and riders and maintain cohesion.

After Red Rocks we settled in and started really getting our groove on as a pack.  (The first day is always about getting the kinks out for a group of folks that only ride together once a year). Then it was on to Mt Evans and our first trek over 14,000 feet!   There was still snow on the ground in places and it even snowed on us.  The air was thin...still is.

We made it to Winter, Park CO, a little over 145 miles for the day.

We got a bad 2 mile run in, but did a run none the less. The whole thin air thing oof!

Dinner at the Ditch and back to the hotel.

Great to be back with friends!