Photo Blog - 2019

LRLR16 Day 5 and 6

Posted 07-13-19 by kaceymoe

Day 5 we left Montrose and headed for Gunnison, CO.  The early part of the day was typical flat land,  which has its own beauty.  A bit of I 70 then back into the excellent roads Colorado has to offer! We headed up to Grand Mesa for a quick stop, took in the view of the valley. Breath taking is an understatement!!!  From there we headed to Hotchkiss for lunch then on to Gunnison via the Blue Mesa Reservoir 235 Miles on the day 2269 for the trip!   Day 6 We headed out of...
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LRLR16 Day 4 San Juan Loop

Posted 07-11-19 by kaceymoe

Today was an incredible ride!  We rolled out on hwy. 550 to Ouray CO then on to Silverton, CO across the San Juan Skyway. These were super challenging roads with excellent views and little time to look at them!  We spent a little time in Silverton exploring and handing out Kazoos (our traditional calling card).  After Silverton it was on to Durango, CO where we had lunch at the Steamworks Brewery.  The food was good the Brew no idea!  After lunch we continued on through...
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LRLR16 Day 3 Transition Day

Posted 07-10-19 by kaceymoe

Today was a necessary evil, Transition day.  We rode fom Winter Park to Montrose, CO. We made a stop at Indepndence Pass at 12,095'.  There was snow!  It's been a bit chilly. We went on to Aspen for lunch and rolled into Montrose around 7:00. The Scenery was amazing for a day dedicated to get from point A to B. Kacey and I did manage a 3 mile run by the Fraser River. Running at 9000 ft. above sea Level is tough! But we did it!   We did around 294 miles for the day.
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LRLR16 Day 2

Posted 07-09-19 by kaceymoe

Today we rode Trail Ridge through Rockies National Park Lunch at the Stanley Hotel of “The Shining” fame’ After lunch Peak to Peak from Estes Park to Blackhawk Falls and back to the hotel.  About 200 miles for the day.  We saw Elk, Snow, more snow, Elk and managed a short hike up to the peak at Alpine Visitors Center. Total miles so far 2244
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LRLR16 Day 1 Shakedown!

Posted 07-08-19 by kaceymoe

We started the day early! With kickstands up at 7:30 we rolled out for a short ride to the Denver Center for Performing Arts.  They provided us with an awesome kickoff breakfast. After eating we moved to the stage for a banner shot.  After a quick look around we were back on the bikes and headed to Red Rocks Amphitheatre WOW, just amazing. Dragonfly and Pipes took up the rear of the pack riding sweep so we can herd the cats, a position which helps keep an eye on the ride and riders...
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Day 5 Ride to the Ride Arrived

Posted 07-06-19 by kaceymoe

We started the day with a 3 mile run!  It was nice to have Kacey with me after the trek out to Denver. Meg made us breakfest and then we were off to Waterton Canyon where we managed a 5 mile hike with Meg and Jamie! The trail was beautiful and really made us want for more of what Colorado has to offer.  After lunch we were off to the hotel and meet up with the Horde! Always exciting to catch up with everyone! We met had our pre-ride gathering meeting, talked over what we are doing and...
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Day 4 Ride to the Ride

Posted 07-05-19 by kaceymoe

Today was the shortest of the day at a whooping 117 miles.  There was no rain!  Fog however we did have and there was plenty of it..  Greg and I rolled ouy a little after 7:30 and where in Denver by 9:00 arriving at Mark and Ali's home where we had a breif visit and an amazing cup of coffee. From there I ventured down town and met friend from high school for lunch, It was awesome to catch up with Alan and meet his wife Sue. After lunch it was onto Friends Meg and Jamie's home...
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Day 3 Ride to the Ride

Posted 07-04-19 by kaceymoe

Today was uneventful again!  After a 3 mile run, I attempted to leave Kansas City, MO. Made it 2 miles before stopping to put on rain gear. Then rode the next 75 miles in rain, YAY! Rain gave way to sun and heat and lots of it! The Day went like this:  Missouri - K   rain  A   wind   N  windmills  S  wind  A  heat  S - Colorado.  Made it to Limon, CO and got stopped before the next storm hit, was nice to get in...
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Day 2 Ride to the Ride

Posted 07-03-19 by kaceymoe

Today was pretty uneventful. Yay!  I got up to the lovely sound of rain. Oh Boy!  I had hoped to sleep in but the person in the room above me had other plans.  So I got up at 6:30 got coffee in and repacked. i had unpacked quite a bit since the rain from the day before out witted the rain cover.  a scenario the was repeated today. I worked out, breakfested, and waited. The weather broke a little before 9:00 so I loaded the bike and hit the road! I left Cincinnati behind and...
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Day 1 Ride to the Ride

Posted 07-02-19 by kaceymoe

I started the day with a quick 3 mile run a wash of the bike and Elvis helped pack before I hit road about 11:00 today.  With a quick stop at work to drop off some paperwork I was into the wind. Getting out of Baltimore was relatively painless which is shocking!  I love knowing exactly how far I have to go 1700 miles to Denver.  I managed 534 today.  I did decide doing I-70 straight out would be mind numbing so I jumped on 68 to 79 and picked up US 50 and headed for...
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