Day 4 Ride to the Ride

Today was the shortest of the day at a whooping 117 miles.  There was no rain!  Fog however we did have and there was plenty of it..  Greg and I rolled ouy a little after 7:30 and where in Denver by 9:00 arriving at Mark and Ali's home where we had a breif visit and an amazing cup of coffee. From there I ventured down town and met friend from high school for lunch, It was awesome to catch up with Alan and meet his wife Sue.

After lunch it was onto Friends Meg and Jamie's home where I found Kacey had safely arrived from Baltimore. their hospitality was great and we were treated to homemade gumbo! YUM!!!We met the dogs Yonder and Raisin.  Yonder thinks he's a lap dog.(See Pictured). Again great to catch up with friends.


Tomorrow we Gather,

1841.6 Miles so far