Day 3 Ride to the Ride

Today was uneventful again!  After a 3 mile run, I attempted to leave Kansas City, MO. Made it 2 miles before stopping to put on rain gear. Then rode the next 75 miles in rain, YAY! Rain gave way to sun and heat and lots of it!

The Day went like this:

 Missouri - K   rain  A   wind   N  windmills  S  wind  A  heat  S - Colorado. 

Made it to Limon, CO and got stopped before the next storm hit, was nice to get in dry this time.  Greg and I managed to catch up with each other and ended the day at Oscars a Movie themed restaurant. Fitting.

Tomorrow we Greg and I will make Denver where I will met up what Kacey and we will visit friends before joining the rest of the Hoard on Saturday to officially kick off the ride.

545.3 miles today

1724.1 total so far