Day 2 Ride to the Ride

Today was pretty uneventful. Yay!  I got up to the lovely sound of rain. Oh Boy!  I had hoped to sleep in but the person in the room above me had other plans.  So I got up at 6:30 got coffee in and repacked. i had unpacked quite a bit since the rain from the day before out witted the rain cover.  a scenario the was repeated today.

I worked out, breakfested, and waited. The weather broke a little before 9:00 so I loaded the bike and hit the road! I left Cincinnati behind and continued to roll west on Hwy. 50  Yesterday 50 was nice, wet, but nice.  Today not so much  Lots of straight and unexciting and painfully slow going.  Ohio gave way to Indiana then on to Illinois and finally Missouri where I picked the interstate back up just outside of St.Louis. From there I rode I-70 to Kansas City where I ended my day with a feast at the Waffle House. My other option was Taco Bell or get back on the bike.

My Biggest highlight for the day was the Giant Dragonfly billboard!  I did in infact turn around for a pic.  even though Kacey "Dragonfly" is not riding out with me, rest assured she will join me on Friday and the rest of the ride!

The sunset was beautiful the rest well you'll see...

645 miles today

1178.8 so far.