Ride day: 4 - DGB

We woke up to a misty rain; this is the rain forest, and the world seems as if we're in a cloud. We've all anticipated this. I purchased new rain gear for this ride, and it was time to try it out.

But first, there were ants. Really big carpenter ants. All night long. Weird. Apparently the warm summer caused a carpenter ant problem. I hate to dwell on the negative, but wow. These ants are BIG. I was awoken several times with these things crawling on me.  Gross.

Ok, back to the rain. All of the riders seemed to be well prepared for it, and there really were no problems. We have to cover 400 miles today; we're due in at Coos Bay at 8 PM - 12 hours on the clock, 10 hours of that in the saddle. It remains to be seen when and if the skies clear. 

I finally have a roommate, Chris Heman, Frank Stewart's son in law from Seattle. Chris rides a BMW R1200C. Good man. We loaded up the bikes and joined the other riders for the morning ride meeting, discussed the route (101S) and off we went.

I can't operate a camera while riding, so I can only attempt to describe the rain forest. First off, it's damp. The tall cedars, redwoods and pines form a thick canopy that seems to reach up for and capture the low cloud cover, enveloping everything in mist. The mist filters and diffuses the morning light, and the aroma of the forest is everywhere.  These are things you just cannot sense while riding in a car. 

For me, this is a spiritual moment, and I know more are ahead. God talks directly to my heart... "Dennis, right around this bend, I have something to show you." God is good. I am blessed. And then my thoughts go to those who are served by our charities, and my heart wishes to share these moments with all of them. I pray that LRLR continues to serve them and I thank all of our supporters who make this ride possible. Truly, this forest is church.

Several hours of riding bring us back to the coast. The skies begin to clear, and one breathtaking view after another of the Oregon coast reveals itself around every bend. We stop for a bit at Cape Meares, and Chrome suggests the riders break into smaller, more nimble groups for the remaining 120 miles to Coos Bay, allowing the riders to take the coast twisties at a pace more to their comfort level. Brilliant.

Somehow we all rolled into the Best Western in Coos Bay between 8:45 and 9:15 PM. Time for dinner and bed. Tomorrow, we'll ride through Grants Pass and on to Ashland, OR. 

Oregon Shakespeare, are you ready for this?????