Ride day: 2 - DGB

Due to the ferry schedule and reservations, we would not need to depart the hotel until 10:45 AM, which allowed us some time to get ourselves ready for the ferry crossing to Vancouver Island. Mimi Abrahams asked if any of the riders were interested in seeing her theatre work place, and this free time was a perfect opportunity to do so. 

Mimi Abrahams is the technical director for Jewish Community Center here in Vancouver. Phil Genera and I followed Mimi over to her workplace, and she showed us around the theatre space. A 300 seat theatre, it is ideally suited to dance and other presentations produced by local companies and high schools that use the space. Mimi is very proud of this theatre, and it shows.

We got back to the hotel in plenty of time to be ready for "kickstands up." The riders were already outside when we returned, and we departed on schedule. The ride to the ferry docks was smooth. We were once again treated to a clear, hot day.

Alice had made reservations for all of the riders, and it was interesting to see the ferry staff easily handle our large group. They staged all 17 of our bikes in one waiting lane, and we were soon surrounded by cars, campers and trucks. We would be first to board; now we just had to wait in the hot sun until boarding time. When that time came, we rode into the ferry in single file. We weren't the only bikes to board. There were a half dozen other local bikes boarding with us.

We were anticipating the need to strap the bikes down to the ferry deck, but the crew said that was not necessary. Instead, they had us put the bikes on their kickstands and leave them in gear. The crew provided large wooden wedges for us to put under each bike's frame opposite the kickstand so the bikes wouldn't rock or fall over. That was it, and more than one rider was concerned about the process. We received assurances from the local riders that this was the routine and should not be a problem. As it turned out, it worked quite well.

There is no way to describe the ferry ride, so I won't try. The pictures will tell the story. The riders had more than an hour to stroll the decks, nap, snack and chat. Good times.

As the ferry approached the dock for landing, the bow doors began to slowly open. We were able to watch the approach from our front of the boat vantage point. We simply saddled up and drove off the boat. Done.

Now the real fun. We drove the length of the island from north to south, a great route full of twisties. We arrived at the hotel in Victoria, BC a few minutes late. Again, it was a bit of a rush to get ready for dinner at the Sticky Wicket downtown, but well worth it as we enjoyed dinner with good company.

After dinner, a couple of guitars showed up in the hotel lobby, and riders as well as hotel guests were treated to some great tunes. A nice way to end the day.

Tomorrow, another ferry ride, this time across the Straight of Juan de Fuca to Port Angeles. We've got this.