Photo Blog - 2012

Chrome's Ride to Th' Ride - Monday July 30th

Posted 07-30-12 by gregwilliams

Another beautiful day of riding, albeit with a hiccup or three.  I've always felt that the 2nd day of any long trip is the toughest, at least for me. On that 2nd morning, you might have aches and pains you didn't realize you could feel before that, the thought of how far you have to go might just start rattling around in your brain, etc. You might think to yourself that you could be back in your own space by that evening, or you could push on, knowing you have much, much further to go than...
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Chrome's Th' Ride to Th' Ride - Sunday July 29th

Posted 07-29-12 by gregwilliams

Today was the first day of the 2012 ride for me. I'm riding out to Seattle to join up with the others at the end of the week. I left Boone NC just before 10 this morning, heading east... yep, heading east. Rode down to Winston-Salem NC to have lunch with my son Matt, and my Mom and Dad. After lunch, I headed up Highway 52 to Mt. Airy (Mayberry for you Andy Griffith fans), past Pilot Mountain (Mt. Pilot in Mayberry-speak), and picked up I-74 west. I-74 dead-ends into I-77 just about at the NC/VA...
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Ready for the snow to go away!

Posted 03-06-12 by gregwilliams

Went out to the shed this evening, and saw the saddest sight. A faint, barely perceptible glow from the dashboard lights was all that would greet me as I rotated the switch to "on". At 4200', the cold winter has been a battery-draining one evidently. Once all the snow melts, there will be a few days where the muck between the shed and the driveway will slowly turn back into a yard. Once I have a yard again, I will be riding. Not so much while our "yard" still resembles the grounds of a...
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