Photo Blog - 2012

the long ride home

Posted 08-11-12 by edraymond

ok' I know long is relative, but here we are back in Oregon heading south on I-5 heading back to Pacifica. It was a great 8 days, but like all good thingss it had to end. Today we saw the beautiful country between Yakima and Seattle throught the Mount Rainier National park. lot's of goodbyes as we spit into groups today, some going to Mount Saint Helens and some taking a more direct route to Seattle. The Sattle direct group had lunch in Enumclaw - a town i visited in my long ago youth. I just...
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Back in the saddle again

Posted 08-10-12 by edraymond

Well boys and girls, after a very long time, more than 30 years, thanks to Cheryl and Jonathann's generosity, I got to ride with the pack today. Leaving Ashland on a curvy 2 lane might not have been the best way to jumpback into riding after so long, but it was soooo much fun.  Diana was following in our chase car, and I have a new perpective on how hard it can be to keep up with the bikes. At the back of the pack, a good place for me yesterday, I found that the slinky effect was...
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The life of the chase car

Posted 08-08-12 by edraymond

Chasing 18 motorcycles down teh coast of Washington ans Oregon is at once great fun and challenging. Herding cats as it were. Yesterday we took off from Kalaloch lodge (I highly recommend an extended excursion to this place - coastal heaven) at 8:30 for a long (12 hour day) down the 101 to Coos Bay Oregon. We passed through many a quaint and not spo quaint small town along the coast. We cruised through the national forests of the Pacific Northwest coast. We saw beautiful ocean views with the...
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Vancouver to Victoria

Posted 08-06-12 by edraymond

Happy to report we are safely ensconced in Victoria, though leaving in an hour for the Olympic Penninsula. Beautiful country all around. Jammed in the lobby to the dismay on the desk clerk. Loren and Dennis and I shared severl songs and several riders joined in on some to sing along; a regular hootenany. Hope we get to do more of that. The people in  Canada have been friendly. lots af waves and smiles as we cruised the back roads of the Island. On to Washington!
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Glacier National Park 2011 ride

Posted 02-01-12 by edraymond

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