Photo Blog - 2012

Ride day: 8 - DGB, Final day!

Posted 08-12-12 by dennisbooth

Big day today, but also the final day of the ride, so bittersweet.  The final route seems up in the air, so several alternatives are proposed; any way we go, we'll go through Mt. Rainier National Park. The question is, do we spend time in the park, or just motor through? And after that, do we go on to Mount St. Helens or take a leisurely back road drive into Seattle? Ultimately, we put the decision off and decided to see how the day progressed. We rode out of the heat of Yakima and...
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Ride day: 7 - DGB

Posted 08-11-12 by dennisbooth

Well, I was incorrect. Today we did NOT go to Mt. St. Helens. I read the itinerary incorrectly. Today's journey took us from Madras, OR to Yakima, WA, actually setting the stage for our trip into Mt. Rainier National Park and possibly Mt. St. Helens tomorrow. We rolled out again at 9 AM. We adjusted our riding attire for what was suggested to us as "hot" weather. Madras is in a climate that is considered high desert, which means cool evenings and mornings, and very hot afternoons. What we didn'...
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Ride Day: 6 - DGB

Posted 08-10-12 by dennisbooth

Let's see where are we? Ashland!  Ok, so we're off to Crater Lake.  The highway out of Ashland to Klamath Falls was apparently repaved recently. As we rode the twisties up and over the Siskiyou Mountains we became alarmingly aware that we were on fresh, black, unmarked pavement, and that most of the guardrails were missing, exposing us all to hundreds of feet of sheer drop off just off of the shoulders of the road.  No pressure! The riders handled it well (even dodging a random...
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Ride day: 5 - DGB

Posted 08-09-12 by dennisbooth

This morning we departed Coos Bay for Ashland; roughly 180 miles of curving highway that will lead us to I-5 and through Grants Pass into the Rogue River Valley. We rode hard for two hours to make a lunch stop in Wolf Creek, at a recently restored Wolf Creek Inn. It was a beautiful day to ride, with awesome scenery and a wonderfully twisty highway. Temperatures were cool on the coastal side of the pass, and progressively hotter into the nineties as we descended into the valley. As I ride, I try...
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Ride day: 4 - DGB

Posted 08-08-12 by dennisbooth

We woke up to a misty rain; this is the rain forest, and the world seems as if we're in a cloud. We've all anticipated this. I purchased new rain gear for this ride, and it was time to try it out. But first, there were ants. Really big carpenter ants. All night long. Weird. Apparently the warm summer caused a carpenter ant problem. I hate to dwell on the negative, but wow. These ants are BIG. I was awoken several times with these things crawling on me.  Gross. Ok, back to the rain. All of...
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Ride day: 3 - DGB

Posted 08-07-12 by dennisbooth

Sorry for the delay! No Internet at Kalaloch Lodge. We departed Victoria at 8:30 AM, on schedule, however it was discovered that the ferry docks were much closer to the hotel than anticipated, so we opted for a photo op at the Royal Theatre with all of the bikes and riders since it was on the way to the docks.  The touring production of Mama Mia had just closed and loaded out the night before. We did our best to make Dopher proud with the parking job, and got the banner photo. We also said...
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Ride day: 2 - DGB

Posted 08-06-12 by dennisbooth

Due to the ferry schedule and reservations, we would not need to depart the hotel until 10:45 AM, which allowed us some time to get ourselves ready for the ferry crossing to Vancouver Island. Mimi Abrahams asked if any of the riders were interested in seeing her theatre work place, and this free time was a perfect opportunity to do so.  Mimi Abrahams is the technical director for Jewish Community Center here in Vancouver. Phil Genera and I followed Mimi over to her workplace, and she...
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Ride day: 1 - DGB

Posted 08-05-12 by dennisbooth

We had a leisurely start to our auspicious first ride day. I went out to the bike around 6 AM to check it over, arrange baggage and to start it up and ride it a few blocks to fuel up. There was zero traffic on International Blvd. at that hour on a Saturday morning. After fueling, I headed back to the motel southbound, and realized the gas station was located on the crest of hill. As I pulled out, I was treated to the ghostly vision of Mt. Rainier filling the horizon to the south. Seattlites...
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Ride day: 0 The gathering in Seattle

Posted 08-04-12 by dennisbooth

Patrick and I departed from Tom and Eileen's home in Idaho at around 7 AM. We were served a great breakfast and said our farewells, and faced our first challenge of the day, getting out of the driveway. I should mention that our hosts have a long gravel/sand driveway that leads up a steep incline to a steeply descending gravel entry road. This is a good time to Also mention that Bill Sapsis rented a most excellent tow vehicle for towing the trailer; a Dodge Ram 4500 diesel 4x4 pickup with all...
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Pre-ride: Day -1 DGB heads out

Posted 08-03-12 by dennisbooth

We were on the road this morning by 6:30 AM, departing Gillette, WY; and yet another awesome day greeted us. The road quickly brought us up to 4,000 of elevation, and our entire trip to Idaho vacillated only a few hundred feet with the exception of two notable passes and our final descent down the mountain into Coeur d'Alene. The geography we encountered in Wyoming is startlingly in contrast to the waving grain prairies that we left behind in South Dakota. Sub-Alpine is very arid and there is...
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