Day 6 - Chrome's Reflections

It's 6 am here in Madras, OR, at the lovely Madras Best Western. Yesterday's ride from Ashland to here was the yin and yang of motorcycle roads. We started off in serious twisties and ended on straighter-than-straight two-lane. 

My good friend DGB has done a very eloquent job of describing the dynamics of group riding in one of his posts. I won't belabor the point too much, but *please*, if you are driving or pulling an RV, and you see a group of motorcycles behind you on a two-lane road, pull over. Even if it's not the law where you are, it's just a great idea. Even if you're driving the speed limit already. With us, it really isn't about the speed... it's about the buffeting winds and exhaust fumes you're generating, and the painfully unpredictable manner in which you're driving. It's a really bad idea for you to be Decider Of How Fast the Bikes Can Go. We actually need to accelerate out of the curves for the physics to work for us instead of against us. 

Just. Pull. Over. You. Moron. 

I feel better now. 

Yesterday was "Wildlife is All Around Us!" day. We had about 6 deer on or in the road, 5 cows (it's open range area) and uncounted hordes of chipmunks crossing back and forth in front of us. I came to the conclusion it must have been some sort of initiation day for the Chipmunk Gangs in the forest. There are two Chipmunk Gangs out here, the Blenders and the Burrowers, and a lot of furry critters were trying to qualify for membership yesterday by lining the roads and risking death by crossing as we approached. I guess they never heard Ben Franklin's sage advice "Neither a Burrower nor a Blender be"... One brave little guy ran between my front and rear tires, tagged the white line to my right, and reversed course and ran right back in front of Phil's front tire. I hope his gang not only let him in, but promoted him right away. He earned it. 

We continue to pass out kazoos, and the website traffic continues to climb. For that I'm very grateful. We have met some great folks and seen some distinctly beautiful places. 

Most people accept the kazoos after a quick explanation of who we are and what we're about, but sometimes we meet with resistance. We met a lovely young lady and her extended family yesterday while we were having our picnic lunch at Crater Lake. I walked up to them with a double-handful of kazoos, and she came running up with a panicked look on her face saying "Oh dear God, no no no no!". At first I thought she didn't get what they were, but she understood perfectly, and was trying to keep the half-dozen or so small kids from seeing them as the grown-ups prepared lunch. I finally talked her into letting me put them in their truck for later at the campsite.

I came back with my camera to ask her to recreate the panicked look she had when I first walked up. We got to talking, she asked about the ride, and it turns out she is a singer herself, and lives about an hour away from Eddie and Diana Raymond. I introduced them to each other. I hope they end up doing some work together. She definitely had a presence and charisma. Remember the name Avalon Bates. My bet is that you'll be hearing more from her!

Since I last blogged we have seen a lot of really neat things, so I'm going to let the photos do the talking for the rest of this post. Click on a photo to enlarge it and see the caption, and you can scroll through them if you'd like.

Don't forget why we're here, please. 



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