Day 1 and Day 2 - Chrome Reflections

Well, we are finally underway after months of planning and anticipation. 17 bikes, up to 31 people (some come and others leave), and a lot of good times. 

The group is riding together pretty well. We've had a couple of splits at stop lights and such, but for the most part everyone is riding rightly and tightly. 

The ride to Vancouver was highlighted by the stretch of the Chuckanutt highway north of Deception Pass, which was very cool on its own. 

Dinner at The Whip, amazing ice cream selection at Casa Gellato (I'm sure I mangled the name, sorry folks!) and a great room at the Sandman Hotel near the airport. Our great shuttle bus driver, Cathy, deserves a special "Hello!" because she went so far above and beyond for us. We really appreciated the service!

Today we took a ferry to Vancouver Island and rode down Canada 1 to Victoria. Another great Sandman property and another vibrant city full of people who appreciate kazoos! We gave away somewhere near 1000 kazoos today. 

Our only regret today was that there wasn't enough time to get done all the things we wanted to do. Tom Heemskerk and Kristi R-C had arranged a backstage tour of "Mama Mia!" which was in town at the Royal Theatre. We arrived after the tour was supposed to start, and while a few of us got to go, many of us did not. We hated not being able to catch up with friends old and new!

The day ended with a lobby concert by Buckwheat, Grits, and DGB. 

Tomorrow it's another ferry ride and then on to the furthest northwest point in the contiguous United States. 

By the way, I found out a good way to inspire the other riders to blog and post pix is for me to fall asleep on a ferry. More to come on that, I'm sure...