Day 0 - The Gathering (Chrome)

Last night I stayed with Alice's sister, her husband, and their new baby. Those folks will join us for a night at Kalaloch Lodge in a few days.

Alice and I arrived at the hotel at around 5:15, after an hour long jaunt through Seattle's "gotcha" maze of streets and traffic. It was so good to see old friends again, and to welcome the new riders and passengers! 

So, welcome to Mimi, Julie, Bob, Patrick, Christina (in absentia, missed her flight), Rebecca.

The most excellent hotel staff gave us a ride over to our dinner destination, 13 Coins. A good time was had by all, and lots of kazoos were passed out. We gave several to an entire family who were going on a cruise. Soon the restaurant was filled with the joyous sound of kazoos everywhere. 

The gathering meeting at the hotel went as planned. Introductions were made, rules were laid out, libations were consumed. 

Tomorrow, we ride.


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