Announcing the 1st LRLR Regional Ride The Longhorn Invitational for Behind the Scenes, March 27 – April 1

Sunday, March 27: Veteran LRLR Riders, Bonita “Hormiga” Barlow, Ramona “Snarky” Mayer, Bill “Stretch” Meyer, Jean Marc “Musketeer” Montmejat, and and Loren “Grits” Schreiber  will meet in Marfa, TX at the historic Hotel Paisano, home of the cast of Giant during the filming of that 1956 saga.

Monday, March 28: The riders will depart Marfa after O-Dark Breakfast, making their way to the border town of Presidio, where they will make a hard left to roll along the Rio Grande—so close to Mexico you could hit it with a rock—but why would you want to? The route runs through Redford, Texas where 18-year-old American goat herder, Esequiel Hernández Jr, was killed by American Marines. It is a tragic story worth looking  into. From there the ride continues along the river, with every turn presenting a stunning new view, until Lajitas, Texas, where the road and river part company. The riders will continue to Terlingua, Texas where they will spend the next 3 nights at the Chisos Mining Company Motel.

Tuesday, March 29: The day will be spent in Big Bend National Park. The first destination is the incredible Santa Elena Canyon, whose walls rise 1500’ straight up from the river. Those with appropriate foot gear will cross Terlingua Creek and walk the ½ mile trail up the canyon for a better view. After drying their feet, the riders will head to  Chisos Basin, the caldera of an ancient volcano. A late lunch will be served at the Chisos Mountains Lodge, and later still, dinner at the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua.

Wednesday, March 30: Back into Big Bend National Park for a loooong ride down to the Boquillas border crossing, where the riders will leave their bikes and get in a rowboat to cross the Rio Grande into Mexico. (Passports required!) After a donkey ride into Boquillas del Carmen, the riders will lunch at the Boquillas Restaurant and Bar, then peruse the main street for the handmade wire trinkets the town is known for. Then after a brief stop at the port of entry on the US side, the riders will make their way back to Terlingua for their last night in that old mining town.

Thursday March 31: The last day in Big Bend. From Terlingua the riders will make for Panther Junction in the park to take the Main Park Road (Hwy 385) north to Marathon, Texas. Marathon, Alpine, Ft. Davis, then it’s the downhill run back to Marfa, for the last night of the ride. Time for celebration and reflection of a magnificent ride with family and friends that are family too.

Friday, April 1: With the bikes safely ensconced on a trailer, the riders head back to Gila, New Mexico, where they will depart for their various abodes. Thus ends the LRLR Longhorn Invitational Ride. Stay tuned for the LRLR Blue Ridge Ramble in June.