The Long Reach Long Riders announce the successful completion of their 5th annual charity motorcycle ride

The LRLR ride benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and the ESTA Foundation's Behind The Scenes program.

Total raised by the LRLR to date in 2008 $40,500.00

This years' ride started in Las Vegas and finished 6 days and 1600 miles later back in Las Vegas. Some statistics from the ride:

  • Number of bikes: 12
  • Average daily mileage: 239 miles
  • Lowest temperature: 31 degrees F
  • Highest temperature: 101 degrees F
  • Lowest altitude: Las Vegas, NV 2,002 feet
  • Highest altitude: Lizard Head Pass, CO. 10,222 feet
  • Weather encountered: Mostly sunshine but also rain, sleet, snow & hail
  • Number of days the duck spent kidnapped: 5
  • Average gallons of gas consumed per bike: 41.6
  • Average gallons of coffee consumed per bike: 3.15
  • Average number of insects killed per bike: 2.35 per sq. inch of windshield.
  • Amount of Ibuprofen consumed (all riders): 1,576 tablets (200 mg)

Live Animals sighted:
Fox (1), Bald Eagle (1), Peregrine Falcon (1), Red Tail Hawk (13), Cooper's Hawk (1), Elk (6), Mule deer (20), Whitetail deer (15),
Lizard (146), Horse (572,) Steer (867), Turkey Vulture (2,456)

Road Kill sighted: 3,682 total all days, (identifiable animals only)

The LRLR would like to thank the riders, support team members and their sponsors for another wonderful trip.

Riders and *passengers:
Moe Conn, Christine Conn*, Mark Heiser, Vickie Bradeen*, David Edelstein, Brenda Edelstein*, Loren Schreiber, Kate Schreiber, Greg Williams, Matt Williams, Scott Henkels, Josh Prues, Ritch Julian, Starr Markham, Bill Sapsis

Chase Car Drivers:
Rob Hamilton, Scott Miller

Support Staff:
Sarah Gowan: Website, Graphics and Administration.
Lori Rubinstein: Behind the Scenes
Joe Norton: Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

Donations for the 2008 ride will be accepted until May 31, 2008.

Next year's ride will begin in Richmond, VA. and will include the Blue Ridge
and Smokey Mountains. Expected ride time will be mid - late July.

For more information please contact:
Bill Sapsis <>
Greg Williams <>