For the first time at OU, Scott Henkels will be losing his locks for charity! Through OU’s Spacechangers and the Long Reach Long Riders, we hope to raise $4,000 by March 8th for three charities and funds. Broadway Cares and Behind the Scenes are supported by the Long Reach Long Riders, a group of theatre technicians and motorcycle...

The Long Reach Long Riders 2016 Charity Ride

The Long Reach Long Riders have announced the dates and route for their next charity motorcycle ride.  This year's ride, dubbed The Radioactive Ride, is all about New Mexico (plus a little of Arizona, Utah and Texas), the the land of Billy the Kid, Georgia O'Keeffe and J.Robert Oppenheimer. From sweeping desert vistas to painted mesas and majestic mountains, from the whimsical aliens of Roswell to the caverns of...

Was it Uncle Bill in his dapper pink and white evening wear, or Bro' Moe looking suave in his BTS-themed biz casual that did the trick? Who can say? What we do know is that over $14,000 was raised by caring folks who chose to give at the USITT annual trade show in Cincinnati recently. Here's the story:

Ride Marshals Mark and Alison Heiser have designed a fantastic t-shirt commemorating the 2015 ride. Make sure to get yours at the USITT conference in Cincinnati or send us an e-mail and we'll make sure you get one!


Cruzin' the Ozarks

The Dozenth Year

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