The Long Reach Long Riders (LRLR) and Behind the Scenes Charity (BTS) announce the LRLR 2020 Autumn Extravaganza! – a bonus ride to help those who need it most. 

The Autumn Extravaganza is a one-time event and will feature 2 members of the original LRLR, Greg “Chrome” Williams and Wayne “Razz” Rasmussen, riding in all 48 contiguous states over 10 consecutive days.  The ride, which will be “Iron Butt” certified, begins in...

To the supporters, friends and Family of the Long Reach Long Riders.



In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, The LRLR leadership, in consultation with the 2020 Ride Marshals, have decided that the route which was to comprise this year’s Long Reach Long Riders charity ride shall be postponed until 2021. The current plan is to ride the same route next year that was originally planned for 2020. 


In place of the "A River Runs Through...

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