Rider Application 2019

Please complete the form below to apply for the 16th Annual LRLR Charity Ride.

As soon as we get notice of your intention to ride, we'll notify the charities to put you on the donations list, and we'll add you to the Riders' mailing list. As soon as your name is on the charities' sites, you can go online and complete the application by donating the $150 registration fee in your name. If you want to donate to either charity under the heading of "All Riders" before your name is listed, I can easily move that $150 to your name later.

Contact Information
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More About You

We will provide one webpage per bike to feature riders and passengers. Please see the current LRLR.org website for examples.

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Bike Information

How many gallons will your bike hold?

Ride Dates

Fees are $1000 for the full ride or $111.11 per day for each bike

Hotel And Meal Information

We will make every effort to honor your requests, but we cannot guarantee room assignments or food requests.

File Uploads


front and back showing motorcycle endorsement

Thank you for considering riding with us on this, our sixteenth annual charity run "Out of the Wings and Into the Wind." We had a great time on the first fifteen rides and are looking forward to an even better run this trip, the  “Altimeter Tour"!

To help insure the success of this ride, all riders are required to have the following:

  1. A motorcycle with a range of at least 150 miles between gas stops.
  2. A valid drivers license with the appropriate motorcycle endorsement, where applicable.
  3. Proof of insurance for yourself and the bike that you are riding. For example, if it's your brothers' sisters' uncles' bike that you will be riding, then the insurance must cover your driving it.

Here's what it costs to ride:

  • The per-bike (or chase vehicle) fee for the full ride is a minimum of $1,000.00 in donations due by June 15th, 2019. This includes a $150.00 deposit that should be sent in with your Ride Registration Form. Of course, if you raise more that would be great!
  • The day-tripper fee is $111.11 per day, per vehicle. This includes a $111.11 deposit that should be sent in with your Ride Registration Form. The Day-Tripper fee is only applicable to those not riding the full ride. 
  • Your ride fee goes directly to one of the charities we've identified as a recipient for this years' ride. Also, when you are collecting from friends, family and co-workers, please make sure their checks are payable to the appropriate organization.

Application Checklist:

If you wish to print out the form, please submit the following to:

Long Reach Long Riders, c/o Sapsis Rigging Inc 3883 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19132

  • Your completed application
  • Copy of Current driver's License (front and back) showing motorcycle endorsement
  • Copy of bike registration
  • Copy of Proof of Insurance
  • Deposit of $150 per bike for the full ride or $111.11 per bike if you are a day-tripper .

IMPORTANT! Checks should NOT be made payable to the Long Reach Long Riders.

Please make checks payable to either BC/EFA (Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS) or Behind the Scenes